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Have Had out now 9/4

Luke Bern Carr's newest albumHave Had, is available now on all digital platforms. His first solo endeavor since Pigrow in 2013, Have Had was recorded over a five year period in various houses, warehouses, closets, kitchens, studios, living rooms, dining rooms, hotels and a woodshop. Luke Bern Carr recorded and performed every instrument on the album, as well as mixed and mastered the work himself. Watch the debut video for the single American Romantic, also produced, filmed and edited by Carr.

La Brea single out now

"While La Brea is driven by the consistent hum of the propulsive drum-beat, it’s the loose clatter of guitars and electronic buzz that add the texture that makes it shine. The music creates a hazy atmosphere in which the vocal melodies can dance, sometimes drifting back into the mix, before puncturing through into a position of prominence. If this is a sign of where Lightning Cult’s debut album is headed, it could just be something truly special." -

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